EPA-UNEPSA welcomes any collaboration offer from industry as long as such collaborations are based on ethical principles and transparency. EPA-UNEPSA always aims to impact on:

  • public awareness on rare diseases for which less and misguided information is available for public.
  • public awareness on nutrition and mindful consumption of food for children.
  • recommendations or authoring articles and reports for evidence-based treatment and diagnosis by key opinion leaders to be published in scientific Journals.
  • the most urgent problems of pediatric health care in various areas related to children health (ie: Endocrinology, Neonatology, Allergy, Infectious diseases, Vaccine and vaccinations, Gastroenterology)

EPA-UNEPSA is locally related to more than 200.000 paediatricians active in Europe through its member Societies and Association. Furthermore EPA-UNEPSA serves to the direct attention of over 40,000 active paediatricians in Europe and beyond.

Please click to contact the Secretariat to obtain sponsorship guidelines for EPA-UNEPSA ongoing or possible activities.

Please feel free to ask for the arrangement of a zoom meeting with the members of the EPA-UNEPSA council for any discussions for collaboration on special projects with such and similar purposes.